Some Pros of Living in Salt Lake:

o   Utah has the 2nd highest ranked economy in the U.S. for 2018/2019. (US News)

o   It’s hard to outgrow a place with so much room to grow.

o   People are friendly, cities are clean, and crime is low.

Some Cons of Living in Salt Lake:

o   You might find an education at one of our fine, and highly rated, universities too accessible. There are appx 105,000 students enrolled in universities, just in Salt Lake County.

o   It might be too easy to find work that you’re interested in. (Utah is ranked 4th in employment opportunity and 6th in growth)

o   Bad drivers.


The locations for all EVNSQ phases are each about 12 miles, or 15-20 minutes by car, from downtown Salt Lake City. With a metropolitan area that is home to over 1.14 million residents, there are always places to go and things to do in Salt Lake. The area also has a very strong recovery community made up of people of all ages and stages of recovery, with particular vitality and a high quality of sobriety in the young people’s circles.


Big and Little Cottonwood canyons are both within 10 miles, or 20 minutes by car from the furthest locale (Phase IV). Between these two canyons there are four world-class mountain resorts that reported 432.0" of "The Best Snow on Earth" in the most recent season and sit on 7,000 skiable acres. Utah as a whole has 14 resorts that operate year round in different capacities and offer activities such as camping, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, outdoor summer concerts and theaters, and art festivals.


Just hours south of Salt Lake City, past Capitol Reef National Park and the Narrows, are the world famous national parks named Zions and Arches. Moab, Utah is nearby these recreation areas and is well-known for it’s slickrock biking and Jeep safaris. There are many designated parks that sprawl across the vast landscape and simple campgrounds, parks, and recreation areas can be found just about anywhere.