Once he graduates to Phase III, he enters with a part-time job/or is in school and his decisions regarding his programming. He qualifies for a car, his phone, computer and his curfew is either midnight or 8 pm, dependent on daily requirements. The focus of Phase III is meant for the men to create their program while we hold him accountable to his own words. This allows us to not become the enemy, but rather mentors to our guys. It is also during this phase where independence begins with our men getting to show up in their own lives. All too many times, we have made decisions which have resulted in those around us making the decisions for us. 

The requirements for this phase are simple by design: be a man of your word, make your bed, complete your chores, journal, and perform one hour of community service a week. These requirements are also what dictates his curfew. During this phase, our case managers help him with budgeting, time management, support, and whatever else he needs while performing his program. It is important to note that his program during this phase can change at any time. For instance, if he wishes to obtain a different job, his case manager will be there to help him navigate that process. 

He will continue seeing a therapist weekly (or as needed) will also see our Medical Director once a month (or also as needed). Once he has been in Phase III for six months, he then qualifies to step down to Phase IV, the final phase.